We are committed to advising you on national and multi-jurisdictional antitrust and competition issues with the highest level of commitment and excellence. We have provided antitrust and competition counsel in connection with mergers and acquisitions, compliance matters, intellectual property disputes and as part of small and large-scale antitrust class actions, particularly in the United States. Our lawyers have served as counsel in dozens of civil and criminal government antitrust investigations, class actions, mediations and trials, and have litigated arbitrations involving alleged infringements of competition law.

Enforcement authorities around the world are increasingly coordinating their antitrust and competition activities, particularly in high-profile investigations. Civil antitrust suits and fines are likewise on the rise. Now more than ever, it is imperative that you work with counsel who can provide both global capabilities and local experience to coordinate and implement a consistent and, hence, powerful strategy. We can do just that – working among various jurisdictional authorities, particularly with antitrust and competition issues. Our antitrust and competition lawyers have that experience across a wide range of industries, such as energy and chemicals, financial services, health care and life sciences, heavy manufacturing, engineering, food, fashion, technology, e-commerce, transport, tourism, media, and chemicals. As your business and strategy evolve, and as you expand into new markets and face new challenges, our robust antitrust and competition team can help you design innovative, forward-thinking solutions tailored to your business needs. You can ask our authorities for advice on the full spectrum of antitrust and competition law to protect your company’s interests, including:

  • Providing transaction support, even advising on obtaining merger clearance in all jurisdictions
  • Advising on the design and implementation of effective distribution strategies that are compliant with antitrust, competition, dealer protection laws and consumer law
  • Advising in the context of investigations or “dawn raids,” handling on-site inspections
  • Providing representation before national antitrust and competition authorities in the United States, and before the EU institutions, and local regulators in the UK, France, and Germany, among others
  • Engaging in complex, national or international litigation (including class and collective actions) before state, national, and foreign courts, and in arbitration cases involving antitrust and competition issues
  • Advising on civil and criminal liability for breach of antitrust and competition law, in particular with regard to cartels and abuse of dominance
  • Advising on fines, leniency applications and other negotiated procedures
  • Filing complaints before antitrust and competition authorities, at national and EU levels, requesting interim measures
  • Establishing and instituting global compliance programs
  • Advising on intellectual-property-related antitrust and competition law issues
  • Advising on consumer protection, marketing, and advertising matters related to antitrust and competition